3 Tips To Help Your Child Manage Upper Primary

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on September 08, 2017

Dear parents, if you have a child in upper primary, you may find yourself asking some of these questions:

Is my child coping well with school work?
How can I help my child tackle difficult topics?
Is my child stressed out?
Is it too early to talk about PSLE?

Fret not, these are common concerns faced by most parents! Such issues can be easily addressed with the right tips and advice.

Step 1: Strengthen Your Child’s Academic Foundation

When your child progresses from one level to another, he or she will face a new set of challenges — the curriculum becomes more complex and there are new (and tougher) concepts and topics to master. 

It is also important to note that the upper primary curriculum builds on the foundation laid in your child’s lower primary years. That’s why whether he or she is in primary 4 or primary 6, building a strong foundation across the different subjects is crucial to ensure smooth progress in school.

Step 2: Conquer The Exams Effectively together

Exams are, arguably, important markers of your child’s progress in class.

Due to the competitive nature of students in class, your child may feel immense social pressure to do well in his or her exams. If he or she is not particularly doing well in school, such stress may leave your child feeling discouraged.

Watch the video below as Feodora Tang, Academic Director and Mrs Joyce Simpson, English Subject Head of The Learning Lab, Rochester share important tips to help your child tackle exam challenges in upper primary.



Step 3: Establish A Strong Relationship With Your Child’s Teacher

Keep in touch with your child’s teacher. A strong partnership between parent and teacher is useful to help you to be aware of what your child is learning in school so you can support him or her at home.

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