5 Important Back-To-School Tips Your Child Should Know

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on January 04, 2017

School bells are ringing as the school year’s restarting! We know getting back into “school-mode” can be a challenge for your child after a month of holiday and festivity, but every new year is an opportunity to make a fresh start and new friends. Here are some tips to ease your child back into school and start on the right note:

Get Organized For School

During the first week of class, most teachers run through different subject outlines and expectations of your child for the year. Make sure that your child has their files, textbooks and stationery ready in preparation for new curriculum and school work.

At home, encourage your child to practise the habit of keeping their books, binders, notebooks, and folders for each class together on a shelf. When all their school materials are stored in one place, your child will be less likely to forget something when they are getting ready for school. You can even label the shelves to make it easier for your child to find the right materials.

Get Started On Study Guides Early – Do Not Procrastinate

Once your child has gotten used to the new school schedule, the real business begins. It’s important to keep track of their progress and be disciplined in their revision as they start learning new topics and concepts.

Students often wait until the night before big tests to start creating study guides, and it’s usually too late when they realise that there are areas they are unsure about.  Avoid last minute stress by getting your child to start their revision early. Encourage them to build on their study guides throughout the entire school term – this way, you will be able to identify the areas your child needs help in, way in advance. Start early so that the study guides are ready when it’s time to revise for quizzes and exams.

At The Learning Lab, your child will be provided with a key summary of notes after the end of every class to gain a better understanding of new topics and concepts. Additional materials will also be given to expose them to a variety of question types, as well as common pitfalls that many students face. Use these resources when you are revising with your child during the weekends.

Communicate With Teachers

Teachers are your child’s biggest study aids. Encourage your child to keep an open communication with their teachers, so that your child would not be afraid to approach them with any problems in regards to coping with their school workload or mastering a new concept.

At the heart of TLL, we have bright and passionate teachers who bring lessons to life and focus on helping your child attain their academic goals. Our teachers also strive to maintain a relationship with you and your child – constantly communicating with you and tracking your child’s learning progress.

Set Goals

Encourage your child to write out a list of goals that they want to achieve for the upcoming school year. As they pen down their goals, they will be able to plan for themselves what they need to do to reach their destination. Having this list can be a strong and motivational force for your child to achieve their goals.

Identify Areas of Improvement

If your child needs additional help in particular subjects, it’s not too late to seek for assistance: TLL offers programmes for preschool, primary, secondary, and junior college students to help your child achieve academic excellence.

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From foundational practice worksheets to advanced and critical-thinking questions, we provide an extensive pool of materials at our centres to suit every student's learning needs, equipping them with problem-solving and higher-order thinking skills.

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