A Letter to My PSLE Students

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on September 24, 2018

Straight from the heart, our Academic Director, Ms Tracy Yong's shares her greatest wisdom and life advice in this letter to her PSLE class.

Dear class of mine,

How quickly the year has passed.

When we first met, you were apprehensive about facing a new teacher and sorely missing the teacher who last taught you. I was apprehensive about taking over a class that was already set in its ways. We questioned and challenged each other, and in the process, we have all learnt new things, matured and have come to care for each other. In fact, the ones whom I’ve nagged at and scolded the most, I care for the most. You know who you are.

Truly, I care very much about each of you. Every single one of you. I wonder if I have made at least 1 lesson stand out for you. I wonder if I have given you an ‘Ah-ha’ moment. More than that, I wonder if I have shown understanding and patience when you were confused, down or even angry.

Life now as a twelve-year old is so much better and yet so much worse as compared to when I was your age. You now have access to so much more than I ever did, are more savvy to events happening around the world and yet, you are under so much more pressure to excel.

At eleven and twelve years of age, no matter what the ideal rhetoric is, you know that the PSLE is a scary thing. Your childlike-ness has been cut short and you have to behave like adults, even when your little minds and bodies may not be ready. You have to be diligent, disciplined and determined.

So even though it is my duty to push you towards that A-star or A, there is something else I truly want to tell you: this is not all there is to your primary schooling years.

In these 6 years, you have learnt what it means to be not only a student or even a leader but also to be a friend. You have learnt what it means to do your duty not because you want to but because you have to. You have learnt to reflect not just on the mistakes you've made on the page but mistakes you may have made in life.

These are lessons that you will continue to learn, as I will. So let’s cheer each other on and find joy in each day as we live it.

Now, as this primary school period draws to a close, I hope to leave with you my well wishes as you journey ahead to a new chapter in life. May you continue to grow in wisdom, grace and strength, and may you remember to always find joy even when the going gets tough.

With love,

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