A Meaningful Learning Experience Begins With the Love of Learning

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on December 22, 2017

Dear Parent, 

We know your child means the world to you. Just like any parent, you want to give him or her the best opportunities in life.

As your child grows up, making the right choices about his or her education is crucial for ensuring your young learner is happy to pursue knowledge. 

What are my child's interests?
Is my child learning well in class? Am I doing enough?
What can I do to help my child reach his or her fullest potential?

These are some of questions you may ask yourself as you watch your child progress from year to year.

At TLL, we take pride in getting your child ready for the exams and for life. We want him or her not only to achieve academic success but also, and perhaps more importantly, to acquire the key knowledge, skills and dispositions to find success and fulfilment at every stage of life. 

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Meaningful Learning Takes Centre Stage At TLL

Your child's journey towards success begins with a love of learning. Our programmes are designed to ensure that your child’s imagination is always stimulated. We place a priority on creating engaging and exciting learning experiences so that your child thoroughly enjoys and find meaning in what he or she learns in class. 

How do we do this?

We integrate your child's lessons with the world outside the classroom. Dale Parnell, author of Why Do I Have to Learn This?: Teaching Children the Way They Learn, has found that contextual learning helps students process new information that is given to them in a way that makes sense to them in their own world of memory, experience and response. 

Dr Lubna Alsagoff, Director of Curriculum at The Learning Lab shares that contextual learning is important as it "steeps lessons in real-world contexts by introducing current affairs to help students link what they learn to their daily experiences. Such contextualised learning enables students to better engage with what they learn in class while reshaping how they think about things beyond the classroom. It fosters deep learning in students, allowing them to organise and transfer knowledge, clarify concepts, perform complex knowledge retrieval and retain information longer."

For example, TLL's English courses integrate real-world content within our lessons to help your child learn more about global issues and social trends, as well as incorporate individual presentations to help him or her develop the communication skills that are essential 21st century competencies in the real world.

Dr Alsagoff also adds, "Academic knowledge is important, as are key exam skills, but at TLL, we also want to empower students to think deeply about what and how they learn in order to help them apply what they learn to their actions, thoughts and speech. We believe it is important for students to see how learning is something that is very much alive and useful, not just for the exams but for life as well."

Hear from Other Parents like Yourself

Watch the video below as Mr Daniel Cheok and his son, Joshua, share more about their TLL Experience. Joshua is currently enrolled in our Primary 3 English, Math and Science programmes. 

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Help your child reach His or Her Fullest Potential Today

Every child deserves the chance to achieve his or her personal best. 

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