Achieve Your Personal Best: Secondary SA1 Revision Guides

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on April 22, 2018

At secondary level, both subject and skill mastery are essential for exam success, especially with a wider repertoire of subjects to manage for the upcoming SA1s. 

Focused Revision Is Smart Revision

"It is important to start revision early and revise consistently in order to grasp topics well and develop a strong foundation in the subject. Additionally, ensuring that your child’s revision plans are in line with the goals that he or she has set for the academic year ahead helps him or her to be more focused. "

Ms Shuli Sudderuddin, Academic Director for the Secondary Programmes at TLL, United Square

To better prepare your child for the upcoming SA1s, his or her revision should cover:

•  a review of topical knowledge
•  a review of exam skills

1.  A Review Of Topical Knowledge

During the SA1s, your secondary child will be tested on vast amounts of knowledge across a wide range of academic subjects. It is crucial for him or her to not only be able to recall but also apply information in order to fare well in the exams.

Don’t forget to review your child’s past work — it is a good way to learn from mistakes, identify the cause(s) of errors and become more mindful about avoiding careless mistakes. Some of the common pitfalls secondary students may encounter at the SA1s include: 

Common Pitfall The Learning Lab Top Tip
English: Summary Writing 

Summary points have not been rephrased properly 
Do not lift directly from the passage. Remember that you cannot use words that are used in the points you have identified.
Math: Differentiation 

Incomplete differentiation of an expression which involves the chain rule
Break the expression into multiple simpler expressions and apply the chain rule to solve.
Science: Multiple-choice Questions

For content-heavy topics, it is important to revisit the models, definitions of terms, and related concepts.

It is important that your child has access to the right materials to engage in effective and targeted revision that allows him or her to consolidate the knowledge learnt thus far.

Download our series of SA1 revision guides which highlight a comprehensive list of subject-specific mistakes that secondary students tend to make when tackling exam questions and detail how your child can avoid these common pitfalls. 

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2.  A Review Of Exam Skills

From time management skills to acquiring speed and accuracy in solving exam questions, mastering key examination skills is crucial in enabling your child to tackle a range of question types and difficulty levels. Assess your child’s ability to apply what he or she has learnt by letting him or her try different question types from past year papers. Do not forget to ask your child to make a note of questions that he or she has trouble solving so that he or she can allocate more time for additional practice.

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