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Posted by Kellie Teo on September 14, 2016

This is the first of a three part revision guide for the English, Math and Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) 'O' Level papers.

With just over 4 weeks left to the GCE 'O' Levels, your child should be well into preparations for his or her papers. While practise does make perfect, it is important that your child is practising the right exam techniques that will help secure the grades he or she is aiming for.


Pointers for Peak Performance in 'O' Level English

Paper 1

1. Editing (10 marks)
Students should only correct the obvious grammatical errors and check that 8 corrections have been made.

2. Report Writing (30 marks)
Students should identify the purpose, audience and tone as well as the correct format the report should be written in (proposal, letter, speech, email etc.).

3. Continuous Writing (30 marks)
When picking a question, students should choose one they have knowledge in and spend between five to seven minutes planning their essay before writing it.

Paper 2

1. Visual Text Comprehension (5 marks)
After looking carefully at the questions, students should study the graphic and distinguishing features such as bolded text, the use of images etc.

2. Narrative Text Comprehension (20 marks) and Expository Composition (10 marks)
Students should source out answers in the passage and note which phrases they need to paraphrase.

3. Summary (15 marks)
Students must identify at least eight content points in the passage, which should then be paraphrased in continuous writing.

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GCE O level English

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