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Posted by Kellie Teo on September 19, 2016

This is the first of a three part revision guide for the English, Math and Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) 'O' Level papers.

With just over a month left to the GCE 'O' Levels, your child should be well into preparations for his or her papers. While practise does make perfect, it is important that your child is practising the right exam techniques that will help secure the grades he or she is aiming for.

Pointers for Peak Performance in 'O' Level Elementary Math

1. Be aware of any recent changes in the syllabus and familiarise yourself with the latest trends of questions
Under the new syllabus, students are expected to know how to apply mathematical knowledge to real world problems/contexts, which are not limited to financial arithmetic/ literacy questions such as taxes, hire purchase, GST etc.

2. Familiarise yourself with different question formats
Identify and practise problems in statistic diagrams such as bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts etc.

3. Timing is extremely crucial in examinations
Attempt as many timed-trials (full papers) as you can before the examination. For both Paper 1 and 2, you should only spend 1.5 minutes per mark (at most). If you are unable to attempt a question after spending half the allocated time, move on the next questions first. Attempt these skipped questions again after you have completed the rest of the paper.

4. Minimise careless mistakes by checking the answers at least twice before submission.

Topical Revision

1. Functions and Graphs
Students should clearly label the axes, intercepts and asymptotes.

2. Set Language and Notation

3. Problems in Real-World Contexts
Students should be able to clearly identify and analyse data presented in different forms (graphs, tables etc.).

4. Trigonometry
Practise with questions that include three-dimensional diagrams

5. Vectors

6. Data Analysis
Students should be able to interpret data and translate them clearly into mathematical statements

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for more tips on how to tackle each topic tested in the 'O' Level Math papers.

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