Beyond the Books: The Importance of Co-Curricular Activities

Posted by Kellie Teo on July 01, 2016

While academics are important, we at The Learning Lab recognise that activities out of the classroom, like sports or the performing arts, are equally important in a child’s life.

In fact, many of our students are extremely committed to their co-curricular activities, often representing their schools for competitions. While this may sometimes lead to missing classes, we strongly encourage them to pursue these opportunities anyway (and even celebrate their successes!).

Why we do so? It is because we know it is precisely these instances that will help expose our students to life skills that cannot be taught within the classroom.

How do extra-curricular activities benefit your child?

1. An Exploration of Interests

These after-school activities are a good chance for children to explore their areas of interests that are not  covered in classes.

A lot of careers  begin as hobbies, and through co- curricular activities, it is possible for your child to hone these skills for their future benefit!

2. Personal Growth

Being part of these extra-curricular activities will expose children to different scenarios they are unlikely to encounter in the classroom. These experiences equip your child with the ability to cope with different types of stress, building patience and resilience in times of intense pressure!

Mastering new skills will also help a child to become an all-rounder. Once your child has found an area of interest to pursue, success in this area will build their self-confidence and determination to work toward further accomplishments.

3. Building Social Skills

Regular participation in an activity fosters a sense of commitment to a cause or purpose, and will enhance social awareness as children learn how to work with others. Children who are part of a team are also more likely to understand the concept of working for the benefit of a group rather than just for themselves. It’s definitely an added bonus that your child will be able to build relationships with peers who share the same interests!

4. Enhancing University Applications and Resumes

Universities no longer look at just academics when profiling prospective students – it’s important that the student can make contributions back to the institution and society, too. Having a variety of extra-curricular activities or skills shows potential, and at an older age, will help your child become more marketable in the workplace.

While there are definitely many advantages of your children participating in after-school activities, it’s important not to overload their schedule. Make sure your children are able to cope (comfortably) with the extra activities on top of their daily workload. It’s also essential to talk to your children to find out if they are genuinely enjoying these activities. Else, they could seem more like burdens than avenues for self-development and fun!

Celebrating Our Students’ Talents

TLL’s got talent indeed! We are extremely proud of our students who put up spectacular performances as part our 15th Anniversary Grand Carnival held earlier in June.

From piano duets and solo singers to class performances with their TLL teachers, our students strutted their stuff on stage, bringing warm smiles to the audience’s faces.

Aged between six and 13, these budding young performers have been honing their skills for quite some time. Some are even seasoned performers, having performed at public recitals or other events. It was wonderful to see how our performers took pride in their craft , and we are honoured to have been able to to witness their many “hidden” talents!

Ms Talia Ong and her students put together a song and dance for the carnival!

Parents are always their child’s biggest fans!

The audience was blown away by Shermaine Saw’s rendition of “Listen” by Beyonce!

Children and adults alike bobbed along to Jerell Wong's performance of "I Just Can’t Wait to be King!”


The search is on! If your child would like to be featured in our future marketing events or collaterals, email us at with your child’s full name and TLL student identification number! :)




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