Excel At The SA1: Upper Primary Revision Guide

Posted by Denise Lee on April 13, 2017

As the SA1s approach, consolidating content knowledge and reviewing exam techniques will prove essential to maximising your child’s performance. 

Reading and Revising

Students often feel the pressure of examinations. After all, being asked to recall a wealth of knowledge from an entire semester can, indeed, be daunting. Encourage your child to read through his or her past work — that includes completed work, as well as corrections. Going through the reasons why he or she may have gotten tricky questions incorrect is a good way to learn from past mistakes and become more mindful about avoiding careless errors.

Planning and Preparing

You’ve always emphasised the importance of sound exam preparation to your child. And you’re right — having a systematic approach to revising for the exams will help your child not to feel overwhelmed by the large amount of content knowledge to be revised. Planting in break periods within a study plan will also help your child to better manage his or her exam revision. Preparing healthful meals and getting adequate rest at night will also aid your child in getting ready to perform at his or her best during the SA1 papers.

Download The Learning Lab’s SA1 Revision Guide

TLL curriculum specialists have crafted a series of SA1 revision guides that will help you and your child tackle some of the common challenges students face in their examinations. Remember to keep these top tips in mind!


 Download P4 SA1 Guides    Download P5 SA1 Guides

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