Getting Back Into Routines: 3 Tips to Help Your Child Settle Into School

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on January 10, 2018

Now that school has begun, the days of going to bed late, sleeping in and having no homework have come to an end for your child.

As your child begins the new term, it is time to restore some order!

You may be wondering ...

“Is my child ready to pick up the pace again?” 
“If my child starts revision early and practises consistently, does it mean he or she will be flying high by the first CAs?

It is important to ensure there is some form of balance between easing your child back into schooltime routines and helping him or her to be ready to take on the term's challenges.

Don’t talk about getting back into school routine as if it’s a negative thing. Use a tone of excitement! Talk to your child about going back to school as a new opportunity for him or her to have new experiences and develop new skills!

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Here’s How To Help Your Child Get Back Into Routines

1. Celebrate The Milestones

What were some of your child’s happy experiences in learning last year?

More than just excelling in tests, it might have been mastering a difficult concept or making a captivating presentation.

Beyond the classroom, perhaps it was clocking his or her personal best time in swimming or being appointed class monitor. It might also have been creating that beautiful piece of art or participating in a meaningful visit to a home.

These are all learning moments for the road. And as a parent, you should help your child to recall these moments in detail — the setbacks and the comebacks along their learning journey.  

Helping your child remember the milestones reinforces his or her love for learning. Most importantly, it whets his or her appetite for more of these joys in the new year.

2. Press The Right Interest Buttons

If your child is a reluctant reader, how do you get him or her to read? If your child is Math-averse child, how do you help your child to stop fearing the subject?  

Every good teacher knows it’s about pressing the right buttons. As a parent, you can play your part too. 

For a reluctant reader, you can start by finding books and literature relating to what they love, e.g. great pieces on Pokémon or Minecraft for the avid gamers.  With the Math-averse child, teachers usually help your child to show relevance in what he or she is learning in class to his or her daily life experiences, e.g. sharing on the odds of winning a penalty shootout might be a game changer.

3. 'Disrupt' Learning And Change Things Up

Justin Leow, Head of the Teaching Network at The Learning Lab, shares his insights on how disrupting the usual flow can help your child develop creative thinking skills and build resilience.

He shares, “Here, I would suggest that it is actually something fun and simple. It’s about learning something new, in small and different ways each week. Learning a few greetings in another language is an example. For me, it was trying to bowl with my weaker left hand, where I had to mirror the steps on my weaker side (and I am hardly ambidextrous!)”.

Trying to remember lists of information that your child needs for the exams does not make for deep learning but committing to memory through visualisation can stimulate his or her mind for higher order tasks that will come in the term.  

He adds, “More importantly, our young learners own the processes more as they think about what they like best and try to challenge them in their learning and in their lives”.

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Make This Year The Best One Yet

With every new year comes new learning experiences for your child as he or she advances to the next academic level.

As educators, we want to help your child dream big, plan well, and do more. A fulfilling learning journey for your child begins with doing routines well, and more importantly, doing it in fun and surprising ways.  

This year, let us help your child reach his or her fullest potential both in the classroom and beyond.

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