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Getting Your Child Ready For School After The Holidays

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on June 30, 2017

The school break is over — it is time to head back to school, prepare for new classes and meet old friends. 

Is your child ready for the semester ahead?

After a long vacation, children often find it difficult to get back into the school routine. Activities such as waking up early, packing bags, preparing for classes and completing homework may stress children out. More importantly, key examinations such as the SA2s or graduating examinations — PSLE, ‘O’ Levels and ‘A’ Levels, will be taking place within the next few months. Hence, it is crucial to get your child mentally and academically ready for the semester ahead.

Here are some quick tips, put together by Mrs Feodora Tang, Academic Director for The Learning Lab, Rochester, to help your child get back on track with schoolwork.


1.  Get Ample Rest

Waking up early for school is no easy feat, especially after a long holiday. Establishing a consistent bedtime for your child can help to ensure that he or she has sufficient rest and wakes up refreshed in the morning.

2.  Keep Organised

It is tough to get back into full speed right after a month of holidays. Sit down with your child to create a back-to-school timetable where you gradually increase the number of tasks each week for the first two weeks until he or she is ready to take on the full load in the third week.

3.  Strike A Balance

Incorporating play time for your child even after school has started can help ease him or her into the back-to-school routine. Engaging in physical activities can help your child stay healthy and improve his or her energy levels.

4.  Ask Your Child About School

Ask your child about his or her day at school to ensure that he or she is coping well with any adjustments in the new school term. If your child is showing signs of stress, you may want to adjust your child’s timetable to accommodate his or her needs.

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