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Ace The PSLE Chinese With The Learning Lab's Guide

Posted by Emery Lim on July 08, 2016

Over the past few days, we shared some tips and strategies on how to ace the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) English, Math, and Science Papers.

If you have a Primary 6 child taking the PSLE this year, it is not too late to share these tips with them.

Today, we will wrap up our series of PSLE tips with The Learning Lab’s Guide to Acing PSLE Chinese.

Prepare Your Child For The PSLE Chinese

How Our Primary 6 Chinese Programme Helps

    • Composition 

    • 1. Composition Practices

Regular composition practices with a word bank of suggested good phrases to be used for pictorial composition, and a guideline of essay structures for topical and continuous composition are provided.

2. Suggested Responses

Two suggested responses are given for composition practice to teach students the correct structure of writing a good essay.

3. Termly Mock Composition Papers

Termly mock composition papers are given to assess our students’ improvement over time as well as to inculcate exam time management.

4. PSLE Composition Booklet

A booklet containing a series of good phrases and sentences that can be used across various situations will be given to students closer to the Prelims and PSLE.

5. Composition Guide Handout

Through this handout, our teachers will teach students how to read and analyse the question for topical and continuous compositions, guide them to form a good story plan with a well-defined climax and structure based on the question requirements.


1. Comprehension Practices

Regular comprehension practices are given to ensure students are adequately exposed and well prepared.

2. Mini Comprehension Workshops 

A series of mini comprehension workshops will be held for our students that focuses on analyzing question types, answering skills and techniques. Sample common questions are included to teach students the most efficient ways of identifying a question type and tackling them.

Language Components

1. PSLE Booklets

Six PSLE booklets designed to train our students on the understanding of foundation and advanced vocabularies that may be tested in the PSLE will be distributed.

2. Vocabulary and Hanyu Pinyin Handouts

Students will receive regular practice on textbook vocabularies and Hanyu Pinyin which will help them in all components in the Chinese PSLE.

3. Chinese Journal

All students are encouraged to keep a notebook which will include practices of good sentence structure, commonly-made mistakes, as well as exam tips and strategies for each component shared by their teachers.

Oral and Listening Comprehension

1. PSLE Oral Booklet

Every student will receive a specially curated booklet that includes all possible oral picture scenes that may be tested during the PSLE, suggested responses for the pictures, and guiding questions on crafting the suggested response.

2. Model Recording 

To help our students improve their oral reading, we demonstrate to students the correct pronunciation and tone required to attain a good score.

3. Termly Oral Mock Practices

We conduct termly oral mock practices with our students to simulate exam environment and train them on examination performance.

4. Termly Listening Mock Practices

We conduct termly listening comprehension mock practices that include model recording and suggested answering techniques to prepare students nearer to the Prelims and PSLE.

5. Past PSLE Topics

We regularly expose students to past PSLE oral scenes and share our own predictions for the upcoming PSLE questions and topics. 

Looking to help your child ace the PSLE Chinese?

Download our Learning Lab's Guide for more tips


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