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Ace The PSLE English With The Learning Lab's Guide

Posted by Emery Lim on July 15, 2016

With only five weeks left, is your Primary 6 child prepared for the PSLE?

By now, your child should already be familiar with all the topics and components that will be tested in the PSLE. However, what are the most crucial elements to take note of for each paper in order to ace the PSLE and achieve his or her desired PSLE results?

Besides these  Tips to conquer the English Exam, learn about the common pitfalls, and how you as parents can help your child in his or her preparation for this crucial exam.

Avoid Common Errors Made in the psle english

This is The Learning Lab’s Guide To Acing The PSLE English, where we will share the common errors made by students for each subject, and how our programmes teach them to avoid losing easy marks. 

PSLE English Composition

A common error made by students for this component is not having a clear story curve. A good way to avoid this is to plan your story and content points on a narrative story curve before starting on the actual composition.

PSLE English Comprehension

Students tend to give incomplete answers and end up losing unnecessary marks. It is important to first analyse the question to find out what exactly it is asking for and source for the right clues in the passage.

PSLE English Cloze Passage

For students who are weaker in vocabulary, there is a higher chance for a lack of understanding of the passage. Thus, a good way to tackle this component is to get into a good practice of sourcing for clues that will help improve your understanding of the passage.

Grammar, Vocabulary, Synthesis & Transformation (G, V, S&T)

It is important for students to get ample practice in this component to familiarise themselves with the commonly tested G,V, S & T rules and questions.  

PSLE English Oral

A poorly structured response to the oral conversation questions will result in a lower grade obtained in the PSLE English Oral. A good way to keep the conversation going with the examiner is to share a personal experience.

Download our Guide to Acing PSLE English to find out more about the common errors made in each component of the PSLE English and the techniques required to avoid making them during the exam.


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