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Ace PSLE Math With The Learning Lab's Guide

Posted by Emery Lim on July 07, 2016

Yesterday, we shared The Learning Lab’s Guide To Acing PSLE English, which highlighted the tips and strategies that your Primary 6 child should take note of to avoid making common mistakes in the PSLE English paper.

Today, we continue with our tips for acing PSLE Math. Remember, recognizing common pitfalls and how to avoid losing easy marks are vital first steps to acing the PSLE and attaining your desired PSLE results!

how to avoid these PSLE Math Common Errors

1. Transfer error - copying the wrong information

2. Calculation error

3. Units error

4. Missing out keywords in the question and interpretating them wrongly

5. Presentation error

6. Conceptual error - identifying the wrong technique

Find out what are the common pitfalls for each component in the PSLE Math paper and the techniques to avoid making them.



How Our P6 Math Programme Helps

Exam Technique Handout: At The Learning Lab, examples of common mistakes are highlighted in an Exam Technique Handout that we give to our students. This will help our students to learn to spot and analyse these mistakes in various questions.

Topical Mindmaps: Mindmaps which consolidate key formulae, important concepts and common questions will also be distributed for a solid overview of each topic.

Specific Topical Revision: These handouts will be given out weekly to expose students to past PSLE questions when they revise a particular topic.

Pre-PSLE Handouts: Two handouts before the Prelims and two handouts before the PSLE will be given to students to expose them to past Prelim and PSLE noteworthy questions. Our teachers will also time trial students to simulate real examination conditions. Common pitfalls will be analysed and useful exam techniques highlighted within the papers.

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