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Ace PSLE Science With The Learning Lab's Guide

Posted by Emery Lim on July 20, 2016

Every Primary 6 student in Singapore has to sit for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).

Here at The Learning Lab, we prepare our Primary 6 students for this crucial academic exam by sharing revision notes, practice papers, tips and strategies.

Last week, we shared useful tips on avoiding common mistakes in:

1. PSLE English

2. PSLE Math

This week, we continue with The Learning Lab’s Guide to Acing PSLE Science.


Prepare Your Child For PSLE Science

To prepare our Primary 6 students, we focus on the following areas:  

    • (1) Comprehensive Revision

      It is important for students to revise the Primary 3 to Primary 6 topics as the PSLE Science will include questions from these past topics. At The Learning Lab, we revise these topics with our P6 students every week to ensure a comprehensive revision.

      Each revision cycle is done systematically with the following handouts:

      Revision Concept Map: Important key concepts are revisited here.

      Revision Quiz: Frequently-appearing questions are carefully selected for students to build their content knowledge and to have ample practice on answering techniques and using relevant keywords

      Topical Test: Common questions and higher-order thinking questions are included to test the students’ understanding of the topic.  

      (2) Answering Techniques

      Exam Techniques Handouts: These handouts focus on key exam techniques such as analysing experiment-based questions, analysing application questions and identifying common mistakes.

      (3) Practice Papers

      Practice Papers: Practice papers will be provided to our students leading up to the Prelims and PSLE. Students will be trained in time management, and to minimise careless mistakes through effective checking procedures.



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    Stay tuned for our next article – The Learning Lab’s Guide to Acing PSLE Chinese! 

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