Happy Leap Day!

Posted by Kellie Teo on February 29, 2016

Did you know, February 29 only appears in our calendars once every four years? The reason is surprisingly easy to understand!



How do we help our students understand the concept behind Leap Years?

Other than breaking down the general idea behind why Leap Days and Leap Years exist, our students are also taught how to identify Leap years in our math lessons! This is taught via the use of an infographic, which helps students visualise the concept and presents the information in a visual and engaging manner.

Why do we do this? In addition to adding variety to our curriculum, these out-of-classroom topics go a long way in serving as fun and enjoyable methods to apply or revise essential concepts. For example, teachers will illustrate how to identify a Leap Year by using the Divisibility Rule for the number ‘4’. Showing students real-life applications of mathematical rules not only piques their interest, but also enhances their understanding.

Besides, it is always a plus to learn some fun facts from time to time! :)

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