Help Your Child Discover The Fun In Science

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on November 15, 2017

Children have a natural curiosity about the world — they constantly wonder about what happens around them.

For your child, discovering the amazing world of Science begins with encouraging and capitalising on his or her curiosity.

Your child can learn a lot  just by observing the environment around him or her. Observations and questions can create a climate of discovery — this is key to scientific learning.

Help Your Child See That Science Is All Around Us

Help your child make sense of the world by showing him or her how Science works in everyday activities. On a trip to the zoo, for example, get your child to observe the different characteristics of an animal that helps it to adapt to its environment. On a rainy day, share with your child about water cycle   it can even help him or her understand why the weather changes! 

Whether you are outdoors or indoors, draw your child’s attention to the events that occur around them to trigger their curiosity and interest in Science. The most intriguing Science lesson may very well be the one that takes place right in front of him or her.

Some other great ways to engage your child are through experiments, videos and fun activities. Check out some of these everyday Science experiments that you might like to try out with your child.

Discovering Science At The Learning Lab

At The Learning Lab, we make Science come alive. We want our students to ask the right questions even as they seek the right answers. Our Science programmes incorporate experiments, activities and materials to help your child develop key skills for scientific observation and inquiry.

Watch the video below as Wai Kit, Science Subject Head of The Learning Lab Tampines, shares 3 cool Science facts that your child might not know about the human body.

Learning Science in Primary 3

If your child is entering Primary 3 next year, the prospect of learning Science as a new subject may be really exciting or even a little daunting.

As we are at the end of the academic year, it is important for you to begin preparing your child for the rigours of Science as an examinable subject in the Primary 3 syllabus. It is vital for your child to have the basic knowledge and application skills for this subject in order to truly enjoy Science classes when the new school year begins.

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To ease our Primary 3 students into Science as a new subject, our curriculum in Term 1 focuses on fostering a passion and genuine interest for Science. Your child will not only learn about this new subject through written exercises, but also have plenty of opportunities to pick up Science techniques through experiments and first-hand experience. 

Find out how you and your child can make your very own lime battery this school holidays with the guide below! Our very own Science students have tried this in class — it's your turn! 

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Take a closer look at our science curriculum

Our Science tuition programmes help your child build the analytical and inferential skills needed to tackle the subject. Through the use of hands-on experiments, comprehensive notes, targeted tutorials, quizzes and topical tests, your child will not only understand scientific concepts but also nurture a love for the amazing world of scientific inquiry.

Find out more about our Science programmes here

If you have any enquiries about our Science programmes, please email us at enquiry@thelearninglab.com.sg or call us at 6733 8711 and we will be happy to assist you.

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