Help Your Child Score In The Final Exams: SA2 Revision Guides

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on September 22, 2017

While your child prepares for the upcoming SA2 exams, it is important that he or she has access to the right materials to engage in revision that is targeted and allows for the consolidation of knowledge learnt this year.

Focused Revision Is Smart Revision

Your child’s revision should cover a review of topical knowledge as well as a review of exam skills.

One of the most effective ways to prepare for exams is to have timed practices before the actual exam day. When your child is familiar with the formats of questions, he or she will be more adept in handling the actual paper. Additionally, timed practices ensures that your child spends the right amount of time on each section of the paper.

“With the examinations coming so soon, my usual advice to students would be to do time trials, be it at home, in school or in enrichment classes. I always emphasise to students to practise the skills, topics or concepts they will be tested on. If the exam involves solving word problems, you need to practise problem-solving; if the exam involves writing an essay, you need to work on composition writing.”
Ms Phua Kai Ying, Academic Director of The Learning Lab, West Centres

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Download The Learning Lab’s SA2 Revision Guide

Having a strong grasp of the fundamental concepts for various subjects is important for students. It helps them to internalise and understand what they have been learning.

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Our guides detail subject-specific tips to ensure SA2 revision is focused. Use these guides alongside other TLL materials and remember to recall key exam tips like the importance of answer precision, question analysis and time management.

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