Here's How You Can Maximise Your Child's June Holiday

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on May 24, 2017

Having fun in the sun, going on an overseas trip with the family or best of all, having no homework (except for a couple of worksheets) are just some of the things you and your child may be looking forward to this June holiday. But while your child may be excited to try out that new sport or play his or her new Xbox game, the content he or she has spent half a year absorbing in the classroom can start to fade from his or her memory.

Part of ensuring that your child has an exciting and enriching holiday is helping him or her strike a balance between work and fun.

Here are 3 ways to keep your child engaged this June holiday!

Let Your Child Pursue Different Interests

The holiday period is a good time to explore interests your child might have. Holiday workshops offer your child a chance to try out something he or she has been interested in without requiring a long term commitment. Don’t hesitate to choose something a little off the beaten track! At this young age, exposing to your child to an array of subject matters can help widen his or her academic horizons in the future.

If your child loves to act, dance and sing, he or she will love our new captivating programme, DREAM STAGE: A LITTLE PIECE OF ME. The Learning Lab is delighted to collaborate with Singapore’s funniest theatre and events company, Dream Academy, to bring your child this unique and fun-filled drama workshop. 

Helmed by Chief Dim Sum Dolly Selena Tan, the three day-programme is designed specially for children aged 7 to 9 and offers your child an
 exclusive glimpse into the world of theatre.

Explore space with our AMAZING WORLD OF SCIENCE - JUNIOR ASTRONAUT programme, hone speaking and presentation skills in COMMUNICATING WITH CONFIDENCE or even let your child try his or her hand at coding during our CODING WORKSHOPS! A variety of special programmes await your child this June at The Learning Lab. 

Help Your Child Catch Up On School Work

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How did your child fare in his or her recent semestral or term assesments? If he or she is facing certain areas of difficulty with school curriculum at his or her new academic level — don’t panic, there’s still time! The June holiday period is an ideal time to work on areas of weakness while reinforcing what he or she has learnt in Semester 1.

You can also boost your child’s academic performance by signing him or her up for our INTENSIVE REVISION SERIES classes. Our Intensive Revision modules reinforce critical examinable concepts by honing your child's application of key exam skills and methodologies through focused practices. These programes aim to strengthen your child's academic foundation and give him or her a head start for Term 3!

Set Your Child On Track For Semester 2 And Beyond

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As a parent, you are always on the hunt for avenues to improve your child's academic performance or ways you can help him or her maintain good grades. 

At The Learning Lab, your child attends more than just a tuition session. Besides focusing on exams skills, our core programmes also let your child look forward to the engaging aspect of learning — lessons include components focused on personal enrichment and critical analysis skills to help your child gain a greater understanding and awareness of real world events. Nurturing your child's love of learning is of utmost importance to us at TLL. 

This is because we believe that this love of learning will not only strengthen your child’s academic foundation by creating a genuine interest in a particular subject but also prepare him or her for life beyond the four walls of the classroom. 

Find out what your child can expectd in our Term 3 programmes!

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For every new core programme your child is enrolled in and starts by Thursday, 15 June 2017, you will receive a welcome pack of classroom essentials that your child can use in his or her lessons!  

Feel free to bring your child’s test or exam paper along to his or her first class for a consultation with his or her teacher!*

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