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How to choose the best enrichment centre for your child
November 16, 2016

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How do you choose the best enrichment centre for your child?

Posted by Chow Liying on November 16, 2016

From private tutors to tuition centres, group classes to one-to-one sessions – how do you pick the best enrichment centre for your child?

Every parent wants to help their child fulfil their greatest potential. While the Singapore education system is touted as one of the best in the world, there’s still room for your child to flourish and grow. That’s why many parents turn to enrichment centres to stimulate a child’s mind and encourage the love of learning from a tender age.

Here are some tips to make choosing the best a little easier, and how The Learning Lab delivers the best learning experience for your child. 

Understand your child

Every child is unique and children tend to be varied learners. Those who are easily distracted might do better in smaller classes, while a child who's more reserved and shy might benefit from the added interaction in a larger class. Knowing your child’s needs, character and learning habits can help guide you in choosing an enrichment centre that will help nurture the love for learning.

And it all starts with choosing the enrichment centre that best suits your child.

When you hear your young one exclaim, “Mummy, Daddy, I can’t wait for the next lesson!” – you know you got it right!

Nurturing this genuine passion for learning in every child who walks through our classroom doors is what drives us at The Learning Lab. From specially crafted teaching materials to the design of each classroom, we pay great attention to all details to ensure the learning environment is not only the right one for your child, but also the best we can provide him or her.

Consider your budget

There’s a price for everything. Don’t get us wrong - an affordable centre might not be bad for your child, but it takes resources to provide the best learning materials and facilities for your child, and that is something that should be taken into consideration.

Investing in quality education sets the stage for a lifetime of magical learning moments for your child. As a Singaporean premium education brand, TLL has a strong reputation amongst Singapore parents for consistently producing academic excellence.

Between 2010 and 2015, The Learning Lab’s students notched top scores in the PSLE. Similarly, they have an unrivalled track record in the placement of students in the Gifted Education Programme (GEP), Integrated Programmes and admissions into local and Ivy League universities.

For 15 years, TLL students have continued to achieve great things even after their time at the tuition centre. Its the love they have for the pursuit of knowledge that sets them apart from their peers.

Take a tour of the classroom environment

Studies have shown that the quality of a learning environment can have a direct impact on academic performance. Before deciding on an enrichment centre, be sure to take a look at the facilities available as well as location of the centre. If your kid has to spend an hour travelling to and from class, he might end up too tired to focus on learning. Bigger centres like The Learning Lab have multiple and accessible centres to ensure that travel time is reduced for your child.

The Learning Lab enrichment classroom      The Learning Lab enrichment classroom

At TLL, we believe that learning should be active, not passive. Both our classrooms and lessons are designed with the intention of creating a conducive environment in which ideas can be generated and knowledge can be shared.

Having a unique and conducive learning environment like our curated library also helps your child advance beyond academics. We also inculcate in children a love for learning and reading through the use of storytelling sessions and incentivised reading programmes in our English lessons.

Talk to the teachers

Once enrolled, your children will be spending the most time with their teachers, so make sure you get to know them better. Besides taking note of their credentials and experience, it is also important to find out if your child’s future teacher shares the same beliefs as you do when it comes to education.

Having an educator who is passionate about teaching is essential in helping your child develop a love for learning. This can be the differentiating factor between a child who dreads going for enrichment lessons and one who embraces the learning opportunity and genuinely possesses a thirst for knowledge.

At TLL, teachers are dedicated to helping students develop into all rounded individuaLS. Academics and results are important, but our teachers go a step further to help your child excel beyond the classroom. In class, our teachers encourage and challenge students to think beyond the confines of the classroom, incorporating global affairs and news into lessons to develop creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking skills that prepare them for the needs of the future. We treat our students as independent young individuals, and encourage them to form their own opinions about the world around them.

Appraise their resources

When it comes to choosing the best for your child, there’s no such thing as doing too much. Get a glimpse into the learning journey that awaits your child by finding out more about the centre’s teaching materials and curriculum outlines during your visit. This also helps you understand the centre’s teaching methodology better and what you can expect from the syllabus.  

The Learning Lab Science Lab     The Learning Lab Science Lab

At TLL, we are able to incorporate experiments and hands-on projects carried out in our in-house laboratory during our Science lessons. With an increased number of experiment-related questions in exams, having an actual Science lab gives TLL a greater edge in enhancing your child’s ability to gain mastery of experiment-related topics and techniques. Your child will also get to engage in projects designed to deliver Science concepts in fun ways.

From foundational practice worksheets to advanced and critical-thinking questions, we provide a wealth of materials at our tuition centres to suit our students’ learning needs. With our in-house notes, key concept guides and practice papers highlighting common exam questions, our students are adequately prepared for the rigours of an examination.

Find a centre that goes above and beyond

For most parents, the ultimate goal is to see an improvement in their child’s academic performance after they are enrolled into an enrichment centre. However, to be honest, that’s the easy part. There are other areas of development you should seek to improve as well.

Find an enrichment centre that strives to instil in your child good studying habits, like independent learning and an unquenchable sense of curiosity - these are way more difficult to ingrain in a child. The goal should be to develop a passion for learning so your child can continue to improve in future. What you want your child to obtain is not only increased academic performance, but also the necessary skillsets to perform well in real-life situations and to be world-ready.

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