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Posted by Kellie Teo on March 14, 2016


“All your kids take classes at The Learning Lab?”

With three children enrolled at The Learning Lab, Mdm Mazlita shares her reasons for choosing TLL.

As a mother of three, I know first-hand that parents share the same sentiment of wanting to provide only the best of the best for their children. It is certainly not without careful consideration that I decided to send all three of my children to the same enrichment centre.

Finding a suitable enrichment program is definitely not an easy task, but equipping our children with the necessary skills to fare well at school is undoubtedly something we all prioritise. For me, one of the most important points of consideration was whether or not my children would enjoy their lessons. Tuition agencies are always touting their stellar academic track records, but I wanted my children to genuinely have fun during lessons and develop a love for learning alongside the strengthening of their academics.

I knew this balance would not be easy to strike, which was why I was pleasantly surprised by what my eldest son had to say when he was enrolled in his first program at The Learning Lab (TLL) eight years ago – “The lessons come alive."

Arif always looked forward to attending his classes! His teachers displayed tremendous dedication and extramural excellence that ignited his passion for learning. I witnessed how TLL helped stretch him beyond his years, which was well reflected when he emerged as the 2nd highest PSLE scorer nationwide in 2011.

Over the years, I’ve come to realise that TLL is not just another run-of-the-mill tuition centre that will drill my children with exercises that merely help them tackle exam questions. The team at TLL recognises that enrichment should, and must, go beyond regular tuition to both provide academic excellence and arm their students with real-life skills. The TLL team consistently incorporates current affairs and interesting case studies into their lesson materials. I am continually impressed with the relevancy of their materials – my daughter recently covered the ongoing USA Presidential Elections in class!

Given TLL’s track record in nurturing personal bests and a passion for learning, I will continue to entrust my children’s education to TLL, as I have faith it will equip them with the tools and motivation to go further in life and succeed in their future undertakings.

Mdm Mazlita
Parent of existing P4, and ex-S1 and J1 TLL students, enrolled in English, Math and Science


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