In The Eyes Of A Student: A Peek At The Learning Lab Experience

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on September 06, 2017

What helps a child do well in school? Some of the common answers to this question are terrific school, well-run lessons, skilled teachers and a creative curriculum.

While these factors contribute to shaping a great learning environment for your child, the real secret of great learning lies within him or her. It is what he or she brings to the classroom that matters. 

We believe that a child with a right attitude or disposition towards learning is more confident, resilient and will flourish in the classroom and beyond.

Embarking On An Enriching Learning Journey At The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab experience is unique — it’s a journey of discovery on which your child will not only acquire the knowledge, skills and dispositions for success in the classroom but also cultivate a keen awareness of just how much learning can be beneficial throughout a lifetime. And on this journey, our students are fortunate to receive guidance from passionate and driven teachers. 

Learning From The Best

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At the heart of our curriculum and teaching methods lies the innate desire to help every student to reach their fullest potential and achieve academic success.

That's why at The Learning Lab, we only provide the best teachers for your child. Our teachers go through a very stringent selection process — only a small percentage of applicants are selected. They are hired for their knowledge, their love of learning, their dedication to the vocation of teaching and their devotion to helping each and every child achieve his or her personal bests.

Learning From The Most Creative Thinkers

What your child takes away from his or her lessons is of utmost importance to us and to our teachers.
More than just getting students to learn and understand new topics, our teachers place an emphasis on ensuring that our curriculum is able to help your child apply what he or she learns in class to his or her daily experiences in life, preparing him or her for what lies beyond the classroom.

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Here, our teachers constantly reinvent ways to make lessons more interesting and fun. They find creative ways to help students tackle difficult concepts. Our English materials often include excerpts from famous authors' works and articles from international publications such as The New York Times, The Atlantic and TIME Magazine.

Learning From The Most Dedicated

At The Learning Lab, our teachers are passionate in bringing out the best in your child — they don’t just love to teach, they teach with love.

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Watch a Video: Ms Rebecca Wiener, a TLL teacher, and her student, Bjorn Chow, on their learning journey at The Learning Lab

Putting Your Child At The Centre Of It All


Your child deserves to be filled with endless sense of curiosity and wonder about learning.

As parents and educators, it is important to continue nurturing this curiosity and to support him or her in developing good learning habits.

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