Unveiling TLL@Tampines Mall: Meet the Academic Team

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on November 21, 2016

5 more days to the launch of our newest TLL centre - and we are excited!

On 26 November, we are bringing more magical learning moments to you with the opening of our brand new centre at Tampines Mall. Conveniently located in the heart of Tampines, our centre will be more accessible and have more class options to cater to the increasing demand for tuition and enrichment programmes in the Eastern region of Singapore. Adding on to our existing centre at Tampines Point, our Tampines Mall centre will be equipped with all things new - new facilities, new classrooms and even a brand new academic team!

Meet The Academic Team 
Our passionate teachers do not just love to teach, they teach with love

The Tampines Mall centre will be headed by Justin Leow. In his capacity as an Academic Director for Tampines Mall, Justin will be leading a team of subject heads consisting of our senior teachers. Together, the academic team at Tampines Mall team has more than 20 years of shared teaching experience and expertise. With a stellar track record of producing outstanding results for their students and deep understanding of the TLL DNA from years of teaching, the team truly understands what is needed to design the best curriculum to inspire and help your child achieve academic success in and out of the classroom. 

Let's meet the team at Tampines! 


JUSTIN.jpgJustin Leow

Academic Director

TLL has a special place in my heart - it's my first job out of school, and has been the only one. In my 5 years as an English teacher, I've been constantly inspired by the students I've taught and the teachers I've trained. Now, I'm really excited and humbled to be given the chance to further my journey at TLL, as the Academic Director, leading the team at Tampines Mall. This is a well-energised teaching and support team, with each member of the team selected carefully for his or her good sense of nurture and captivation, and excellent track record in the classroom. Alongside each and every member of the team, I hope to share the hallmark TLL Experience that has nurtured the love of learning in many students through the years with our friends in Tampines!





CHARIS.jpgCharis Sim 

Head of English

Six and a half happy years! It's been a fruitful and joyful journey. The best thing about teaching is getting to interact with children - they are delightful and you never quite know what to expect. The second best thing would be the colleagues. Tampines teachers are warm, dedicated and full of energy - I look forward to coming to work every day! The best thing about TLL at Tampines Mall? A core team of teachers, client services and operations staff dedicated solely to serving the parents and students at Tampines. Plus all the amenities and the MRT at our doorstep! And oh, the Ma La Xiang Guo at the Level 4 food court is excellent! 





ELIZABETH.jpgElizabeth Chin

Head of Math

I joined the company in 2012. My journey with TLL is a very meaningful and fulfilling one. For these 4 years, I was actively holding a teaching portfolio, and also helping out with curriculum and mentoring. I look forward to coming to work daily with an end goal in mind – to be able to help my students improve in Mathematics, nurture their love for the subject, and also develop them holistically. I have been with my first batch of students since they were in Kindergarten 2 (they're now Primary 4), and am proud to see them mature into compassionate, analytical and confident learners. My students are my greatest motivation at work, and not forgetting my supportive colleagues and students' parents who make my day everyday. I am very blessed and proud to be a teacher at TLL.





WAI-KIT.jpgSoo Wai Kit

Head of Science

I began my very fulfilling teaching career with TLL more than 4 years ago and it has been nothing short of exciting. Teaching Science has always been my passion. I was fortunate to have the chance of being supported by helpful colleagues and the chance to nurture the love for Science among the many students I have met over the years. Science students in TLL benefit from our rigorous programme as well as many fun experiments and activities which spark a sense of curiosity and interest. I hope to see many more students walking out of our classrooms as more inspired individuals, equipped not only with the skills needed academically, but also a continuous love for Science!




What can parents and children expect from TLL Tampines Mall?

At The Learning Lab, we aim to help students achieve beyond their academic goals, and prepare them to be world-ready. Thus, at Tampines, we will be equipped with the quality teachers, curriculum and resources and, most importantly, establish close communication with parents to keep them updated with their child’s progress. The Tampines team believes in building close and strong relationship with the parents and working hand-in-hand with them to help achieve their child’s goals.

Tampines will be promising for students, parents and, of course, our TLL staff alike!

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