New Year, New Goals

Posted by Denise Lee on December 29, 2017

Happy New Year to you and your family! With a brand new year ahead of us, The Learning Lab invites you to embark on fulfilling those New Year resolutions by helping your child set meaningful goals this year.

What Are Goals?

Goals are aims or desired results that your child has for the future.

Your child may have many different types of goals. For example, he or she may have goals that are generic or specific. Think about the difference between saying, “I want to be good at playing golf.” versus, “I want to improve my serve in tennis.”

Goals can be related to specific activities as well — they could be related to sports, the arts or school. Additionally, your child may have goals that are related to values, attitudes and habits that he or she thinks are ideal.

When your child sets a range of goals, he or she has the opportunity to develop the key knowledge, skills and dispositions to succeed in school and in life!

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The Importance Of Setting Meaningful Goals

When your child sets achievable goals and make plans to reach them, your child is setting himself or herself up for success on a meaningful learning journey.

Goal setting is linked to your child’s motivation. Education researcher A. Bandura (1997) suggests that motivation comes from adopting a specific mindset. By getting your child to think about what he or she wants to achieve (i.e. setting goals) and the specific plans he or she has to achieve them, your child will develop the confidence to follow through and find success.

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Another key piece of research that sheds light on the importance of goal setting is Robert Wood and Edwin Locke’s (1990) work, which establishes a relationship between goals and self-efficacy (an individual’s belief in his or her ability to have control over one’s motivation and behaviour).

Download TLL’s Special Guide To Goal Setting

At The Learning Lab, we believe that meaningful learning begins with guiding your child through purposeful goal setting. We’ve prepared a special New Year, New Goals guide for you and your child. Click here or on the image below to download this New Year's gift!

New Year New Goals: Download TLL"s Guide To Goal Setting

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