One Teacher Can Change The World

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on August 31, 2017

The dream begins, most of the time, with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you on to the next plateau.” — Dan Rather, journalist

Dear Teachers,

Here’s wishing you a very happy Teacher's Day. On this day, we would like to say thank you for being instrumental in empowering your students to learn and to chase their dreams.

With each lesson you plan, each script you mark, each nurturing correction you guide your student through, you take one more step to shape a young mind to think more deeply.

It Takes A Big Heart To Help Shape Young Lives

By profession, you are known as a teacher. But truly, no label can encompass what you do. The results of your efforts are not merely logged in numbers and grades — they are evidenced in the 5-year-old who talks about global cities, the 10-year-old who talks about technology or the 14-year-old who questions how we can live more environmentally-friendly lives.

As your students navigate life in school, you hope they build lasting, healthy relationships with their peers. But beyond the fond memories they collect of their friends, you should know that you, their teacher, are one of the most important people they build relationships with.

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More than your words on a marked page, your passion inspires students to learn; learn more about the subject you teach, about the world around them, about their strengths and about what the future can hold for each of them. We hope you know just how much of a difference you make each day.

Celebrating Our Teachers And All They Do When Passion Fuels Purpose


Over the past few weeks, our Teacher's Day boards have been proudly displaying messages of encouragement and appreciation that our students want to convey to The Learning Lab teachers. Here are snippets of some of the sweet messages:

Dear Miss Mary Ann Chua and Miss Unice Toh,
Happy Teachers’ Day! Thank you for teaching me. Your methods of teaching are very effective. I have improved a lot. Happy Teacher’s Day! Stay Happy

Hydrogen Iodine (HI) Ms Dawn,
Thank you for being a great and caring teacher and for pulling up our chemistry grades. Thank you for being patient with us!”

I ♥ Mrs Sabrina Lim. She is so kind to me and everyone in class. During the 2 years of her teaching me, she never once scolded me. Instead, she gives me encouragement! I like English because of her. THANK YOU MRS S LIM!” 

Teachers, Thank You

“I love their child-like innocence and how genuine they are. The opportunity to shape their lives at this age is great. I still remember my own kindergarten teacher and what she did for me. I hope I can shape each of their lives in the same positive ways as well.” — Lee Sue Lynn, Academic Director for the Early Years programme and an Early Years teacher

Each of you has the gift of teaching that you so readily share with students of The Learning Lab. For all you do in class and behind the scenes, thank you. We’re inspired by your dedication and honoured to know you as teacher, mentor, friend and superhero.

Do you remember a teacher who inspired you?
Leave a comment below and tell us about it!

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