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Parent involvement: How Can Your Child Benefit?

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on January 22, 2018

We know that giving your child a fulfilling education journey is of utmost importance to you. And as a parent, you want only the best for your child.

There are three main areas where learning takes place for your child: the school, social settings and home. These three realms work in tandem to provide your child the best and most ideal environment to help him or her achieve succees. What your child does, the activities he or she engages in and the dispositions he or she develops in these different areas can influence your child's academic development. 

In school, teachers do their best to educate your child and instill in him or her key life skills that will benefit your young learner in the long run. At home, the baton is passed to you: the parent. You are one of the most important individuals in your child’s education journey.

At home, think of yourself as the teacher’s partner in managing your child’s education. When you are involved: 

1. Your child takes more responsibility for his or her learning

Setting aside time to monitor your child’s homework and school projects as well as making him or her the top priority in your schedule shows your child that you care about his or her education. Help your child understand the importance of school and what it means to you (as a parent) for him or her to receive the best education as possible. 

This positive reinforcement will motivate your child to take more responsibility for his or her learning upon realising the benefits of the time spent furthering his or her knowledge in the different subjects. A strong partnership between you and your child will help with academic goal setting and aligning your child’s attitude towards achieving those goals.

2. You become your child's strongest support system 

Remember that you are your child’s biggest and most important cheerleader. When you are involved in your child’s education, your child will realise that he or she is not alone in his or her learning journey. This can be especially important when your child faces academic hurdles or other challenges with friendships or extra-curricular activities. 

Knowing that he or she can turn to you as a source of comfort, your child will feel more encouraged and confident to take on any challenges in life. 

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3. You understand your child’s learning journey better

Knowing your child's grades and assignments is an easy starting point to open dialogue for discussing progress, offering advice, working on projects together and, hopefully, giving congratulations.

It also means you know where your child's education journey is going and are able to be part of the highs and lows along the way.

Numerous compelling research have also shown that children whose parents are involved in school are more likely to have higher self-esteem, be disciplined, have more self-motivation and tend to achieve better grades.

Some ways in which you can be involved in your child’s education include: 

-- Accessing your child’s academic scores to ensure he or she is on track.

-- Developing a relationship with your child’s teachers and keeping in touch with them. Communicating with your child’s teachers regularly can also give you valuable insights on how your child is doing in class and how you can better help him or her at home.

-- Setting goals with your child and fostering achievement of those goals. 
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