Preparing for the new academic year

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on December 27, 2016

The December holiday is almost over, and that means the new school term is approaching. Amidst the attempts to schedule as many fun activities as possible into this last week of break, is your child ready for school?

Here are some ideas as to how you can encourage and prepare your child for the new academic year!


Ensure revision is done

Start off the new term on the right track. Make sure that the homework issued before the break has been completed.

Your children’s holiday homework were likely review worksheets to help them reinforce their understanding in the topics covered during the first half of the year. A strong and solid foundation will help pave the way to a greater understanding of the newer topics that will be introduced in the new year.

Ease Your Child Back into the Rigour of School

Our teachers often find that students who are not continually engaged during their term break take a longer time to get back in full swing when school restarts.

At The Learning Lab, we begin the academic term early to give your child a headstart in gearing up for the new school term. Fun and light-hearted elements are weaved into classes during the holidays to make lessons more enjoyable – this year, our Science team brought the Christmas cheer into class with Christmas-themed projects for students to work on.  

SP3 to SP6 Christmas Activities.jpg

At the end of every class, your child will be provided with a key summary of notes to gain a better understanding of new topics and concepts. Additional materials will also be given to expose them to a variety of question types, as well as common pitfalls that many students face.

Recognise Areas to Improve

At home, creating study plans in order of priority would be more effective in tackling the weaker topics. For easy reference, it would be good to file previous worksheets neatly.

Establishing these good habits reminds your children that they are in control of their grades.

Set Realistic Goals

Have a chat with your children to plan ahead and set key goals to achieve at crucial points in the new year. That way, they will have a clear direction to work towards.

If additional help is needed to brush up on particular topics, it is not too late to seek assistance. TLL offers programmes for preschool, primary, secondary, and junior college students to help your child achieve academic excellence. Beyond being school and national-exam relevant, we weave in global affairs and current trends in topics such as technology, lifestyle and entertainment into our curriculum. Our goal is to create a generation of innovative thinkers and globalised, confident individuals by providing our students with current and up-to-date materials on a weekly basis.

Encourage Them to Believe in Themselves

It is important for children to be encouraged to always give their best. Let your child know that the effort they put into achieving their goals is a reward in itself, regardless of the final results. Your assurance may even boost their confidence and give them the added push to excel.

Try not to focus solely on outstanding grades. While achievement and progress will always be a high priority, always encourage your child to find their personal interests in the subjects they are studying, and they will develop a joy for the pursuit of knowledge beyond the classroom.

After all, the ultimate purpose of education is to help students develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Register For Our Term 1-2017 Classes

If you are interested to speak with our enrolment specialists about our 2017 programmes, please email ENROLLMENT@THELEARNINGLAB.COM.SG or call us at 6733 8711 and we will be happy to assist. 

Classes are filling fast!


If your child is already a student with us, secure your child’s place for the new term by logging on to the PARENT PORTAL to accept the allocated class(es) for your child. 

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