Primary 1 Math: The Importance Of Building A Strong Foundation Early On

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on November 22, 2017

At Primary 1,  Math can be daunting for your child who is learning new concepts such as model drawing and problem sums as well as new topics like Measurement and Geometry for the first time.

Does your Primary 1 child show some reluctance when it comes to learning the subject?

"At this level, Math lessons at The Learning Lab focuses on helping your child to make positive associations between learning and real-world context. In class, our teachers regularly demonstrate the relevancy of Math so your child can see how the different concepts can be applied to his or her daily interactions," says Goh Wan Mei, Head of Math Curriculum at The Learning Lab.

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At TLL, we believe that the love for Math should be cultivated from a young age. Wan Mei also adds, "Children begin to develop numeracy skills from a very early age. If your child is entering Primary 1 next year, developing a strong Math foundation is going to be crucial and it begins with cultivating a strong number sense."

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A strong foundation in Math is crucial in developing your child in the following areas:

1. Confidence — As your child progresses through the year, he or she will learn new topics. A solid foundation allows your child to approach new challenges more comfortably and tackle new concepts with ease.

2. Problem-solving  With a strong foundation, your child will be able to tap on past knowledge and logical thinking skills to find solutions and answers. It is important for your child to be able to think through a problem and recognise there is more than one path to the answer.

3. Critical Thinking Skill — Math can also provide a platform where critical-thinking skills are put into practice and refined. A strong foundation in Math will give your child the ability to explain how how he or she arrives at a solution to a complex problem or to describe the ideas behind a formula or procedure.

For actress and mum, Ms Nurul Aini, and her son, Shan Ehan, the journey with TLL has been an enriching and empowering one thus far. 

Here’s their story.

“It’s never too early to build a strong Math foundation for your child”

“I had heard of The Learning Lab from other parents around me and knew that it is one of the best centres out there. In fact, when I was filming for the Lion Mums 2, TLL was mentioned in my script and my character even sends her daughter to TLL. And because I play a lion mum who really cares about her child’s education, I know TLL must be good if my fictional character sends her child for lessons there!

After enrolling Shan with TLL, one of the most distinct differences I have observed is Shan’s excitement every Monday. He is always looking forward to his Math lessons with Miss Evadne Loke and enjoys his time with his classmates. He even said he does not mind going for more lessons which really shows how much he loves going for his classes at TLL!

More importantly, the Primary 1 Math programme at TLL is effective in helping Shan to focus on mastering key concepts and developing a strong number sense. New topics that were taught in school are further reiterated in TLL class — through worksheets, notes and engaging games, which help Shan to better comprehend the subject.

When it comes to Math, I believe that it is important to build a strong foundation for Shan early. That is why I don't think it’s too early to enrol my primary 1 son into a tuition programme at this age. With additional learning support from TLL, Shan was able to develop better classroom sensibilities, build confidence when he tackles new Math sums and nurture a love for the subject. More importantly, it instils discipline too — Shan knows that he has Math class with TLL every Monday without me having to remind him.

TLL also goes beyond the textbook and covers certain topics earlier to give students a good headstart in school. Personally for Shan, I see him struggling less when it comes to new topics. TLL’s Math lesson materials — The ABC Math book and in-class Math games are also very interesting and definitely make Shan more keen to learn Math.

What I appreciate most about Shan’s teacher is how she really pays attention to him and gives undivided attention to each student as well. She also gives me and my husband regular updates on Shan's progress after every lesson. That, for parents, is really important as our child’s progress is of utmost importance to us and we want to make sure that Shan is coping and learning well in class.”

Ms Nurul Aini
Mother of Shan Ehan
Enrolled in TLL's Primary 1 Math programme

Tackling Math With Ease At The Learning Lab

At The Learning Lab, we consistently link our Math lessons to real-life scenarios to build a really strong foundation for your child. Instead of rote memorisation, we bring in hands-on activities, songs, games and stories to help him or her learn better.

When it comes to solving word problems, we also introduce your child to various heuristics such as Repeated Identity, Supposition Method, Working Backwards and more. 

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Registration for our Term 1 classes, which begin on Wednesday, 6 December is now open.

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