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PSLE Changes - What Matters May Be Immeasurable

Posted by Emery Lim on April 16, 2016

Our senior teacher Mr Justin shares his views on the new PSLE scoring system.

The recent announcement by the Ministry of Education sees a major change to the educational landscape:  the PSLE grading system shall evolve from the T-score aggregate to broad letter grades from 2021. 

In light of this, can our children finally escape the rat race?

We certainly hope so.

For a long time, our nation has grappled with an addiction to academic performance. The high-stakes PSLE, in particular, have inadvertently caused our children to be caught up in an obsessive mind-set that academic achievement is everything in life.

With the chase for the final point now alleviated, we will have greater latitude to teach and focus on timeless traits such as resilience, drive, communication abilities, character-building and leadership values – qualities vital for long-term success. These traits will also form a bigger part of what schools and employers measure in their selection of talent, rightfully becoming the more significant gauge.

There will also now be greater space to inspire an interest in broader topics, such as STEM and the arts. More importantly, we appreciate how our children can truly now smell the flowers, and admire their beauty. :)

As we go back to the basics, The Learning Lab is humbled to continue in its mission to nurture a lifelong love for learning, with our sights still firmly fixed on raising children who are critical thinkers and confident communicators, equipped with the necessary skills needed to do well in school and in life.

All in, we think this move helps our children come back to this one indispensable yet immeasurable part of growing up and the learning - the building of happy childhood memories. And we are proud to be a part of it!

Catch Mr Leow live on Channel NewsAsia’s “A Class Above” this May, or watch our video below


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