SA2 Results Are Out: How Can I Help My Child Improve In 2018?

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on November 12, 2017

Has your child received his or her SA2 results?
How did your child fare at the recent SA2?

If your child did not meet his or her goals in the recent exams, you may be wondering, “Why?”.  Stress, an inadequate grasp of concepts or insufficient revision could possibly affected your child’s performance.  

These are issues that can be resolved with time and effort! This term break, you and your child can  work on areas of weakness so that he or she is ready for the next academic year. 

Here's TLL’s 5-step plan to support your child’s plans for progress and improvement. 

1.  Review Your Child's Academic Year

As the 2017 academic year comes to an end in a few weeks, it is time for your child to reflect on his or her learning for the past year. 

Reflection is a positive way to start the goal setting process because it pushes your child to reflect on the things he or she needs to work on and improve.

Some questions you can ask your child include: 
- What feedback did you get from your teacher or other students  that was important to you? 
- What are some areas you think you’ve done well at?
- What are some areas we should focus on this holidays to help you to perform better? 

Take time to review your child's examination papers for the year to identify the areas he or she might need some help with. Pinpointing these areas will help you to decide on the next steps to help your child better manage the subject(s) he or she is weak in. 

2. Set Realistic Goals Together

Before setting goals with your child, ensure he or she has a clear idea of what he or she wants to achieve in the following year. Encourage your child to set goals that are attainable but also just out of reach. 

You might consider setting incremental goals — goals that increase in difficulty as your child progresses through each term. By setting realistic goals with your child, you can make each milestone an achievable challenge while still encouraging progress. 

Download The Learning Lab's Guide To Goal Setting

3. Establish Checkpoints For Your Child

Help your child map out his or her journey to achieving the goals he or she has planned. It’s important to encourage your child to establish his or her own checkpoint system. Some children like to review their goals every week, while others prefer longer periods of time to work on the steps. 

Remember that “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

4. Encourage Positivity

Receiving affirmation from you will help your child to have a positive attitude towards learning. A simple, “You’re on your way forward.” or “You’ve had a chance to see what won’t work. Now, you can focus on what will work.” can exponentially improve your child’s drive to try again and to do better.

Helping your child to see the positive points in his or her journey gives them a compelling incentive to keep going.

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5. Promote Growth Mindset In Your Child

Turning the tables on setbacks involves helping your child see the value of looking at the disappointments in new and different ways — this is what having growth mindset is about. 

If your child can begin to see roadblocks to success as a single step on a long journey of personal growth, he or she can achieve so much more, with so much more confidence.

At The Learning Lab, we believe that nurturing the right dispositions, values and mindsets towards learning can make a constructive difference to the way your child learns. Doing so can help him or her face challenges and difficulties with a positive outlook to work effectively and systematically towards achievingacademic success.

Find out more about The Learning Lab's Teaching and Learning Model here.


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