Singapore Budget 2018: How Does It Impact You And Your Child

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on March 02, 2018

You've heard about it. You've seen the news articles. But how do you explain the Singapore Budget 2018 to your child?

While something as serious as the Budget may not necessarily appeal to your child, at The Learning Lab, we believe in helping your child find meaningful ways to understand issues of the day.

Read our article to find out how this year’s Budget affects your child and how students at The Learning Lab are being introduced to key elements of the Singapore Budget 2018.

Increased support for Your Child's education

This year's Budget announcement saw a slew of measures announced by Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat. How do these measures affect your child?

In his Budget speech, Mr Heng announced three ways* in which the Government will boost the budget to support education:


•  From January 2019, your child will receive a greater annual contribution from the government to his or her Edusave account. If your child is in primary school, he or she will receive S$30 more each year, while secondary students will receive S$50 more.


•  The income eligibility criteria for Edusave Merit Bursary and Independent School Bursary will be revised upwardly to benefit more students. It will be changed to S$6,900 gross monthly household income or S$1,725 gross monthly household per capita income.


•  The MOE Financial Assistance Scheme will also be enhanced to offer support to more pre-tertiary students — the annual bursary quantum will be increased to S$900. 

*Statistics are taken from this article by Channel NewsAsia.

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Contextualised Learning At Its Best: The Learning Lab Breaks Down The Singapore Budget 2018

At The Learning Lab, we strongly believe in helping your child see Math in action — giving students the chance to acquire the key knowledge, skills and dispositions to think and speak about current affairs such as the Budget 2018 makes learning more meaningful.

Dr Lubna Alsagoff, Director of Curriculum at The Learning Lab shares, 

“Academic knowledge is important, as are key exam skills, but at TLL we also want to empower students to think deeply about what and how they learn in order to help them apply what they learn to their actions, thoughts and speech. We believe it is important for students to see how learning is something that is very much alive and useful, not just for the exams but for life as well.”

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At TLL, Math students across Primary 5 to Secondary 2 are learning more about the Budget 2018 in class. By using specially curated infographics and comprehensive notes, teachers help our students to better understand and take a greater interest in the events that occur around them. Find out more about what your child will learn in class by clicking here or on the link below.

Learn More About Our Math Programmes

Our Primary 5 to Secondary 2 Math students will be receiving a special Budget 2018 infographic during their lessons this week — download your copy by clicking the link below. 

Download Our Singapore Budget 2018 Infographic 

Find Out More About Math Programmes At The Learning Lab

When students see the relevance of what they learn to events that occur around them, they learn more meaningfully. Your child’s learning journey should be filled with fun and relevant knowledge. 

Besides preparing our students for school exams, our Math programmes also aim to inculcate a deep love for the subject. Join us today — registration for our Term 3 classes is ongoing. 

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