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The Importance Of Cultivating A Positive Attitude Towards Learning

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on May 11, 2017

What makes a child do well in school? A conducive environment, well-run lessons, skilled teachers, a creative curriculum — these are some factors that contribute to a student’s success in school.  

Beyond that, the real secret of great learning lies in your child.

That is why at The Learning Lab, we believe in first nurturing the love of learning in your child. He or she should learn and grow in an environment where his or her ideas and knowledge can be shared. Cultivating the right attitude and disposition towards learning can go a long way in shaping a positive and successful learning journey for your child.   

For Ms Cherie Lim and her son, Rayken Chan, the journey with TLL has been an exciting and enriching one thus far.

Here’s their story.

“A Place I Can Entrust My Child’s Education To.”

“The Learning Lab (TLL) has provided the most comprehensive English and Math programmes for my son. Rayken, who is in Primary 3 this year, has been a student with TLL since he was in Kindergarten 2. I had enrolled him into the centre after learning of the many accolades TLL students received — I wanted a place where I could entrust my child's education to.

TLL has prepared my child very well for mainstream academics — Rayken's English and Math results were good through Primary 1 and 2. While revising with him for his English Semestral Assessment (SA1) this year, I was pleasantly surprised that he was able to recall grammar rules to me. He was also able to share with me what his teachers told him to look out for when doing his work. TLL has given Rayken a headstart with his school syllabus and this gave him a lot of confidence in his learning in school.

Rayken's English teacher has been very encouraging and provides very good guidance and advice for Rayken on ways to manage his school assignments. She closely monitors Rayken's writing and constantly guides him on how to perfect his writing skills. Rayken’s teachers not only ensure that he is academically prepared, but also motivate him to do well.

When it comes to lessons at TLL, Rayken has been enthusiastic in going to his classes despite being with TLL for 4 years under the same teachers. He always looks forward to lessons and often shares the interesting things he learns in class. 

In addition, TLL consistently tries to broaden their students’ horizons. The worksheets are well planned out to ensure that the topics and concepts covered are in line with what my child is learning in school. At the same time, teachers also cover content that build up my child's knowledge in areas that he has not learnt in school.

The programmes have developed my child in other aspects such as leadership and presentation skills — this is truly the holistic education I wanted for my child.

Ms Cherie Lim
Mother of Rayken Chan
Enrolled in English and Math programmes

Rayken also added, “I enjoy my classes at TLL because the topics discussed are always very interesting. I get to learn a lot about current affairs and better understand what is happening around the world. I love the interesting stories recommended by TLL during my English lessons and really enjoy exploring GEP Math questions.

The teachers at TLL also provide the class with study tips (e.g. building up our vocabulary to write good compositions) which help me with my schoolwork. I enjoy my lessons at TLL because the teachers are very friendly, encouraging and are always able to enthuse me when they teach.”

Laying the Foundation For A Growth Mindset

As a parent, framing studying in a positive manner will allow homework to become less about scoring well for tests and examinations and more about the value of the learning process that’s how a lifelong love affair with learning begins.

We've created a 3-step guide to help cultivate a great learning attitude in your child.

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