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The Right Place For Learning: A Primary 3 Child's Success Story

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on July 31, 2017

Your child is back to school for Semester 2 and we hope he or she is off to a good start.

With the addition of Science as a new subject, your child may find the heavier workload particularly difficult to manage. 

As your child continues learning new topics and skills at school, it is essential that you ensure he or she fully understands how to handle the different components for each subject.

That is why, at The Learning Lab, we believe that having a solid foundation and a positive learning environment at the Primary 3 level is critical in your child’s preparation for upper primary.

For Ms Wong and her son, it has been a fulfiling journey with TLL thus far.

Here’s their TLL story.

“I Believe My Child Is In Good Hands.”

When my son did not do well in his final term test in Primary 1, I decided to enrol him in a enrichment course. After speaking to a few friends, they had very good feedback about The Learning lab. Coincidentally, there was a centre near my place (Westgate), so I enroled him there.

My son struggled during the first few lessons as he was not used to the new workload. However, what surprised me was despite the struggle, he enjoyed his lessons and looks forward to going to class every week. He always shares with me how excited he is to learn new topics in class (e.g. about Koalas or Korea, etc).

After almost 9 months at The Learning Lab, I can saw an improvement in his work. From failing his English test, he was then able to achieve 80% in his school assessments consistently.

Now, in Primary 3, his grades have not dipped and my son has managed to maintain good results in school too. This really helped build his confidence. 

I believe I have made the right decision to enrol him with The Learning Lab. I believe that so long as he is at The Learning Lab, he is in good hands. Thank you once again."

Ms Wong
Mother of Primary 3 Student
Enroled in English programme

Enrich Your Child’s Learning Journey With The Learning Lab

At The Learning Lab, our lesson materials are geared towards helping your child grow from strength to strength — constantly improving and becoming more confident in managing his or her school work.

Our programmes are planned to give your child a good grounding in the subject while still ensuring that he or she is able to grasp the concepts covered.

Beyond academics, we aim to inject as many fun elements into each lesson as possible by designing interesting in-house games for challenging topics.

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If you have any enquiries about our programmes, please email us at ENQUIRY@THELEARNINGLAB.COM.SG  or call us at 6733 8711 and we will be happy to assist you.

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