TLL Feature: Hear About The Learning Lab Student Experience

Posted by Kellie Teo on November 17, 2017

Join us at our upcoming Experience Days at Tampines Point, Marine Parade Central and Rochester Mall!
But first, hear from our students as they share about just what they love about lessons at The Learning Lab. 

Hear From Our Students — The TLL Student Experience

If you have always wondered what our lessons are like, here's a chance to hear from some of our parents and students. At The Learning Lab, we believe in empowering our students to seek success in school and in life.

English programmes

Our English programmes are designed to equip your child with the essential reading, writing, speaking and thinking skills needed to achieve academic excellence and more.

Teachers provide an enriching learning experience, with a strong emphasis on grammar and vocabulary, which allows students to master exam components.

Additionally, we believe in equipping your child with the right skills such as passage analysis, question analysis and composition writing. Your child's oral communication skills will also be honed through individual presentations exercises and oral exam practices.

Find out what Claire, our Primary 2 English student, and her father, Joseph, shared with us during this personal sharing session.

Math Programmes

The most important focus of our Math programmes is laying a strong foundation for key concepts and fundamental mathematical techniques for your child.

Comprising basic arithmetic, model drawing, geometry, measurements and data interpretation, our Math programmes combine a curriculum that is catered to school needs and carefully designed materials to reinforce basic skills, concepts and critical thinking skills.

Find out what Shermaine, our Primary 6 Math student, and her mother, Susan, have to say during this short sharing session.

Science Programmes

Our Science curriculum focuses on fostering a passion and genuine interest for Science through the use of various activities such as experiments and hands-on projects.

Your child will not only learn about this new subject through written exercises, but also have plenty of opportunities to pick up science techniques through observation and first-hand experience.

Find out what Falisha, our Primary 4 Science student, and her mother, Mazlita, want you to know during this short sharing session.

Fun With Science at TLL Rochester Mall

Join us on Sunday, 26 November at the Fun With Science event and get a glimpse of our science curriculum by joining in our fun hands-on activities.

Look forward to experimenting with everyday materials to see how we teach our students to apply science in their daily lives and be able to learn about science concepts at the same time! Register here.


Join Us At Our Upcoming Experience Days

We'd love for your child to have a taste of The Learning Lab Experience.

If your child is between K1 to P6 (2018), we've got two upcoming events at Tampines Point (Sunday, 26 Nov) and Marine Parade Central (Sunday, 3 Dec) where your child can have the opportunity to attend an experience lesson.

Register For Experience Lessons

 If you have any enquiries, please contact us at 6733 8711 or email us at enrollment@thelearninglab.com.sg


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