What Is The Super Blue Blood Moon? Here’s What You Need To Know.

Posted by Denise Lee on January 30, 2018

It seems like people have been talking about lunar activity for months now. As many prepare to celebrate the Lunar New Year in February, lunar enthusiasts will tell you that 31st January is the date to look out for as the world prepares to witness a 3-in-1 lunar phenomenon.

Celebrating The Marvels Of Space: The Super Blue Blood Moon

Plan for an evening with family, friends and if you have access to one, a telescope, on 31st January! It’s time for the “Super Blue Blood Moon”.

While that’s not a real scientific term, it’s one that has caught on. On Wednesday night, the moon you see will be a supermoon, a blue moon and a blood moon — all in one. This one special moon can be seen through a telescope or by the naked eye, so the whole family can get involved.

We know it can all get pretty confusing, so we’ve created a mini guide to understanding this once in a lifetime event, the Super Blue Blood Moon, below.

What Is A Supermoon?
A supermoon is a full moon when it is at its closest point during its orbit around our Earth. This is known as its perigee (say pair-rer-gee). At the point of perigee, the moon looks larger and more radiant than at other times during its orbit around Earth.

What Is A Blue Moon?
You may recall the phrase “once in a blue moon”, which refers to something that occurs infrequently. That’s exactly right! A blue moon occurs when there is a second full moon occurring within the same calendar month. Since this is only observed once every two and a half years, it’s pretty special!

What Is A Blood Moon?
A blood moon is also known as a total lunar eclipse; when a full moon is perfectly in line with the Earth and the Sun. When this occurs, the Earth blocks out the light from the Sun, casting a shadow on the moon. The result? The moon appears to give off an eerie, red light.

The Super Blue Blood Moon And The Learning Lab

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Giving students the chance to acquire the key knowledge, skills and dispositions to think and speak about global scientific events such as the Super Blue Blood Moon makes learning more meaningful. 

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