Your Lower Primary Child And The 2021 PSLE Changes: Understand What Matters

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on August 18, 2017

If you are a parent of a primary 1 or primary 2 child, you might be very well aware of the major change in the PSLE scoring system that will affect him or her in 2021.

PSLE in 2021 — What Does It Mean For My Child?

The most crucial difference in the new PSLE scoring system lies in the implementation of  Achievement Levels (ALs). In the current system, your child’s T-scores indicate how well he or she has performed compared to his peers.

With the new ALs, the new PSLE scoring system aims to
- better reflect a student’s level of achievement by grading each student on their individual performance, regardless of how the cohort performs
- focus on how well your child has learnt and retained knowledge

Watch the video below as our Academic Director, Justin Leow, explains more about these changes and how the teaching team at The Learning Lab can help your child to develop key skills for primary school education.


A Positive Attitude towards Learning Matters

We believe that apart from the teachers, parents are also powerful teachers when it comes to cultivating positive learning dispositions for their children.

While there are no rule books to help parents instil the
right learning disposition, you can help your child in small ways, starting from creating meaningful experiences at home.

The Learning Lab's Curriculum

The curriculum at The Learning Lab considers the current trends in lesson design and school curriculum. Lesson content integrates real-world examples and global affairs to cater to and further engage an adept, inquisitive and engaged learner. In our classes, materials often include fun and interesting topics such as cities, animals, technology and inspirational figures.

New Call-to-action

Your child, as a learner, should be filled with curiousity and wonder about learning . As parents and educators, it is important to carry on nurturing this curiosity and to support him or her in developing good learning habits.

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