Close to Heart & Home: Zoe Tay Shares Her Thoughts on Home-work

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on November 30, 2018

In November, The Learning Lab launched Home-work, a series of unique exercises that puts a fun spin on the traditional take-home assignments to encourage hands-on learning at home.

The goal? To help children experience real-life homework exercises that are not only fun but, more importantly, also effective in helping children to draw meaningful connections between what has been learnt in class and what is experienced outside of school.

Uncovering the Power of Listening

When was the last time your child had a meaningful conversation with his or her grandparents?
How much does your child know about his or her grandparent’s hopes and dreams?

Some lessons come from the wisdom of those who are closest to us. Putting a spin on the listening comprehension component, the English home-work encourages students to really listen to their grandparents — creating opportunities for deeper conversations at home.

We speak to Mediacorp artiste and mum, Zoe Tay and her youngest son. In the following interview, we find out more about  Zoe Tay's son’s experience with the English home-work.

Zoe Tay Shares her thoughts on home-work

1. What was your first impression of TLL’s Home-work campaign?

When I first saw the Home-work video, I thought that the “home-work” concept was really interesting.

It is especially relevant now that my sons are enjoying the end-of-year break and will be spending much of their time at home.

Out of the many different worksheets, I found the English listening comprehension home-work most interesting. It presents a beautiful opportunity for my sons to sit down and have a good chat with their ah ma.

So, I got my youngest son to try out the home-worksheet. 

2. How was your child’s experience with the English home-worksheet?

He really enjoyed doing the home-work with his ah ma.

It was the first time he really got to hear life stories and experiences from his ah ma. As a mum, it was a sweet moment seeing my youngest son interact with my mum to learn and understand more about her life.

Zoe Tay's Youngest Son's Take On
tLL's Listening Comprehension Home-work

Q: What do you think of this Listening Comprehension exercise?

It was definitely different from what we do in school!

Usually conversations with my ah ma revolves around toys, games and when she helps me with my school homework. But with this Home-work, I realise that there is so much I didn’t know about my ah ma.

Q: Which answer from your ah ma’s answer(s) surprised you most?

Can I say ... all of them?

I really felt like I’ve gotten to know my ah ma better. I found out more about her childhood, and what makes her happy. It was also nice to hear about her hopes and dreams for me.

But what I remember most was when she told me about her childhood where she had fun although there was no TV or computers! She had lots of time to play. Also, I enjoyed hearing about what her hopes and dreams were for me.


Q: What was the most important lesson you learnt from this exercise?

I think it is about listening. Sometimes when we talk to people, we don’t realise that we are not really listening. So this was a good way to learn about why listening well matters.

I talk to my parents, brothers and friends everyday but I don’t really sit down and ask them deeper questions.

With this listening comprehension exercise, I really had to listen to what my ah ma had to say so I could answer her questions properly. Now, I feel like I understand her better.

It would be interesting to do this exercise again … but may be with my parents this time?

3. What do you think of TLL’s Home-work campaign?

The idea of putting the home in homework is unique and something that parents can definitely resonate with. More often than not, children are reluctant to do homework. I see this in my sons too.

I don’t want them to end up doing their assignments and completing the homework without giving much thought as to why they are doing so.

I find TLL’s home-worksheet idea interesting and especially useful during this school holiday — it keeps my sons occupied. I like how the home-worksheets use concepts my sons have learnt in class and allow them to apply it to activities that can be done at home.

It’s something fun that parents can do with their kids. I’m definitely looking forward to trying out the other Science and Math exercises with my sons this school holiday.

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