Zoe Tay's 5 Tips For PSLE Preparation All Parents Should Know

Posted by Shafina Jaafar on February 24, 2018

“Just like all PSLE parents, my husband and I were anxious about our son’s PSLE preparation. We enrolled our eldest son into The Learning Lab to give him as much support as we could in the lead-up to his PSLE." 
- Zoe Tay, Mediacorp Artiste

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is the first major exam in your child's academic journey. Like all parents, you want your child to do well in his or her studies and eventually achieve excellent results in the PSLE. 

As you and your child prepare for the PSLE, we know you may be feeling anxious. You may even find yourself asking: How can I help my child prepare for the PSLE? Does he or she need more help with revision? Is my child stressed out?

We are here to extend our encouragement and support.

According to a survey conducted by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), when it comes to PSLE preparation,

 71% of parents found helping their child with numerous tests and exams stressful
 60% were anxious about helping their child with the challenging syllabus
 50% of the parents were concerned their child could not keep up with work or achieve desired grades. 

Mediacorp artiste Zoe Tay too, embarked on the PSLE journey with her eldest son in 2017. Find out more about how Zoe Tay's PSLE experience was like!

From One TLL Mum To Another: A Journey Towards PSLE Excellence

Here, Zoe Tay shares 5 useful tips all parents should know on how you can help your child prepare for the PSLE effectively. 

TLL: Being a first-time PSLE-parent, what were some of your concerns/worries going through the PSLE year with Brayden?

ZT: As first-time PSLE parents, we were unsure how to give our eldest son the best support. We did not know what to expect, except from what we heard from friends whose children have already finished the PSLE.

We wanted him to have good academic support to help him score well for the PSLE. Also, we were concerned whether he could manage the amount of revision leading up to PSLE — we were worried that he wouldn’t be able to balance revision and learning new p6 topics.

For his exams, we wanted him to be able to answer questions properly and accurately, instead of just repeating facts or information.

TLL: Having gone through PSLE with Brayden last year, what are some tips you would like to share with other first-time parents

ZT:  1. Plan A Revision Timetable For Your Child

We find that when there is a schedule, revision is easier to manage. We wanted to make sure that our son had time to relax and wasn’t studying all the time. Also, we wanted him to be sure he didn’t focus too much on one subject over the other. So we set a revision plan based on the exam dates and on how much time he needed to revise each subject well.

2. Discuss Your Child's Priorities And Set Specific Goals

As parents, we always want the best for them (our kids). Our eldest son can be quite mature in the way he thinks so we did spend time talking to him about what he wants to achieve and about how he could achieve his goals. We wanted to make sure he didn’t put too much pressure on himself and that his goals were realistic.

Your child may use TLL's specially designed Goal Setting Planner to determine SMART goals that your child can work towards in the term ahead.

goal setting planner

3. Identify Areas Of Strength And Weakness For Each Subject

We looked through our son’s past work and identified some areas for him to work on. We also used the constant feedback from his TLL teachers to help us understand which parts of each subject’s exam paper would be his ”hurdles” and used their advice to help him plan how to overcome them. His teachers also pointed out some of his strong areas so we knew he could spend less time focusing on those. This helped everything become more structured when it came to his revision!

4. Choose A Strong Education Partner

Just like all PSLE parents, my husband and I were anxious about our son’s PSLE preparation. We enrolled our eldest son into The Learning Lab’s English and Science programmes to give him as much support as we could in the lead up to his PSLE.

Having an education partner who is trustworthy and can deliver results is important. Signing our eldest son up with TLL was one of the best decisions we made for him on his PSLE journey. It was a perfect fit for him and it was a perfect fit for us as parents too.

The materials are good, the teachers are caring and always gave us updates. Our son loved the lessons and we saw how TLL lessons helped him improve on areas of weakness and made sure he still remembered all the other topics he learnt in lower primary.

5. Be A Supportive, Understanding Parent (Emotional + Psychological Support)

As working parents, we didn’t get a lot of time to talk to him as we wanted to. But we still made it a priority to talk to him about how he felt and if he was stressed. We listened to what he wanted: more academic help with some subjects, so we took on more TLL subjects because he likes them. We also told him that we support him and were proud of him for his hard work.

TLL: For a parent, how important is enrolling your child into tuition/enrichment in the PSLE year? How have the TLL programmes helped Brayden in the lead-up to the PSLE?

ZT: The Learning Lab Primary 6 programmes map out a clear plan to guide P6 students towards PSLE excellence. They placed a strong emphasis on helping my son consolidate knowledge and apply exam-centric skills.

Our son, just like other Primary 6 students, faced the challenge of having to review all the work from past years whilst preparing for the PSLE. That’s why it was crucial for him to be able to learn and use key techniques and methods for his PSLE.

TLL: Which aspect of TLL programmes was most useful for Brayden?

ZT: Learning how to answer questions with specific methods was good. It helped him to write answers that don’t leave out main points, so he won’t lose marks unnecessarily. He told us that the notes he received in class were very useful for him as a revision tool, so that really helped with his PSLE preparation. Being in a small class environment also helped him as being with peers on the same PSLE journey helped to motivate him to keep on working hard.

TLL: How did having TLL help you as a parent during your son's PSLE journey?

  • ZT: The constant feedback from teachers was very useful because we always knew what was going on throughout the terms and we could see how much more needed to be done. Knowing that he was going for lessons that he enjoyed and learning worksheets and materials that he found useful for PSLE was also good for us — we knew he was in good hands with his TLL teachers.

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